Big adventure awaits. Given the Big Island’s immense size and varying topography – larger than all the other Hawaiian islands combined – it’s a natural playground that beckons discovery, and can satisfy your sense of adventure in myriad ways. In fact, no other Hawaiian island offers more fun per square mile.

Climb a volcano. Ride horses. Mountain bike through a rainforest. Soar in a helicopter. Find hidden waterfalls. Stargaze through a telescope. Go whale watching. Ride in a submarine. Trek through a jungle. Swim at night with manta rays. Head upcountry in search of the best Kona coffee. Take a catamaran and snorkel tour. Build sandcastles on white, black, or even green-sand beaches. Witness the creation of the Big Island itself at Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park as lava from Kīlauea Volcano continues to flow to the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Or for the ultimate adrenaline experience, hike Mauna Kea and surf Kohanaiki on the same day.

Best of all, you’ve got the members of Kohanaiki’s Adventure Team as your personal guides to everything.