Kohanaiki is an invitation-only private members club and residential community, presenting members and their families with a diverse array of refined amenities and one-of-a-kind recreational experiences and adventures.

Kohanaiki is about family and community. A Membership at Kohanaiki is multi-generational, providing access to you and your spouse, your children and grandchildren. Memberships are transferable and inheritable, creating a true family legacy that brings families together across the generations.

The number of private equity memberships at Kohanaiki are strictly limited. Members also need to purchase or construct a home in our community.  As an exclusive private community, Kohanaiki has a thorough qualifying process for new Members. Privacy and exclusivity is something we hold dear, and we protect it fiercely for our Members. Kohanaiki does not have and never will have a hotel or resort component, nor any public access restaurants that would compromise privacy and compete with Members for access to the Club amenities.

Additional information on Membership, including Initiation Fees and Annual Dues, are provided in the attached Membership Frequently Asked Questions.

“A private resort-style community open to only the most elite applicants, the development offers a feast of activities, amenities and comforts that pretty much knocked our socks off.”

Just Luxe