Kohanaiki is re-envisioning the luxury homebuilding experience, to remove hassle and add back fun, and with Kohanaiki Builders, you have the reassurance that it is the master developer that is taking care of building your home. Best of all, when you build with Kohanaiki Builders, you have the opportunity to enjoy instant use of the Kohanaiki Club while we build your home by joining our Hale Club.

Once your home is complete, Kohanaiki Residential Services offers an unmatched level of service for maintaining and managing your home.

Building your perfect home on your perfect lot can be as easy as A,B,C….D,E.


A. Initial Design Consultation
Designing a custom home should be a fun and exciting process, not a bewildering array of decisions to be made. Visit our onsite Design Team to see how we make this process engaging, fun and interactive. Talk with the team, peruse our extensive collection of options and finish boards. Learn from our team’s combined 60+ years of experience of the “do’s and don’ts” of building on the Big Island, and get up to speed with the various services that we offer to see if working with Kohanaiki Builders is right for you.


B. Site Study
You’ve found the perfect lot (or we can help you to).  The perfect view.  You know what you’re looking for in your perfect home.   Now, how to bring all of these things together?

We have sited hundreds of homes on hundreds of lots at Kohanaiki. We understand the topography, the challenges and upsides of building around onsite ahu, how to capture the best views and make optimum use of the varying sun and shade throughout the year.  We understand the Kohanaiki Design Guidelines, the required setbacks, private areas, transition areas etc. and we are right onsite so if you need to walk the lot at sunset “just one more time” to be sure that the master-bedroom orientation is just perfect, we can be right there with you.

We have a number of different home designs on file and onsite CAD capabilities allowing us to combine different options from various home designs, mix in your own custom concepts and develop a complete schematic site plan for you that brings together everything you are looking for in a home, optimally placed upon the lot. Typically we can generate 2 to 3 options for your review within 2 to 3 days of walking the site with you.


C.  Architectural Design & Costing
If you truly wish to start with a blank sheet of paper, or have your own preferred architects that you like to work with, no problem.   In practice, however, we find that many of our members have a very clear idea of what they want from the home but that this can be most easily articulated and achieved by modifying an existing home design or by combining elements from several home designs into one new plan.  Building upon the site study exercise, we can bring together various floor plan elements for your chosen option, make modifications as required and generate a complete set of construction drawings using our on-site CAD facilities and design team, all within just a few days to just a few weeks depending upon the extent of your customization.  And because we are utilizing design elements that we have already built before, we have already worked out many of the inevitable “kinks” associated with constructing any new design and we have a solid understanding of the true construction costs associated with the design.


D. Construction / Construction Management.
We have the capability to build your home from start to finish or, if you prefer, to oversee your design and construction team and keep you fully up-to-date with progress, provided that your preferred builder meets our requirements in terms of build quality, site cleanliness & safety etc. and works within the required Kohanaiki Design Guidelines.


E. On-going Property Management / maintenance
When you are a member of Kohanaiki, our Member Services team will ensure that every need of you and your guests is taken care and will ensure that your home is prepared and fully-stocked with whatever you may need before you arrive. Our Kohanaiki Residential Services team can take the same level of care of your home itself, with anticipatory maintenance programs covering everything from the smallest items like regularly scheduled air-filter replacement to planned inspection and maintenance of every major structural and mechanical item in your home on an annual basis, or as required.

If you would like to hear more about our services, schedule an Initial Design Consultation or just pop in for a chat, please Contact Us