At Kohanaiki, it’s in our nature to care. We believe that “living lightly under the palms” and conserving natural resources isn’t just an option, it’s a responsibility.

That’s why Kohanaiki is built around an environmentally sustainable infrastructure. For example, the Clubhouse deploys innovative, and in some cases unique technologies, such as the heat-exchange system that extracts heat from the air-conditioning system to heat the pools, and the solar powered desalination and reverse osmosis system that provides the 1 million gallons of water per day needed to water the entire golf course, lessening our impact on the Big Island’s resources and operating costs.

“It is apparent that Kohanaiki’s sponsors are paying close attention to minimizing the overall costs to ensure that this private equity Club is able to sustain itself for future generations.”

Hawaii Life

Intelligent luxury is further championed through sustainable landscapes, protection of archaeological sites, natural resource preservation, eco-sensitive building practices, and educational programs that honor the island culture.

Using best management practices attuned to a higher environmental consciousness, we’ve developed a natural resource management plan in partnership with Audubon International. As a result, Kohanaiki is the only golf course in Hawai’i to receive Audubon’s Silver Signature Course certification.


This commitment was cemented in 2007, when lineal descendants of the families who once lived at Kohanaiki, along with Kohanaiki’s management, came together for a ceremony which solidified the commitment of the lineal descendants and the Kohanaiki team to restore and preserve the historic and cultural sites at Kohanaiki and to perpetuate the culture by incorporating these sites into the community.

“Kohanaiki will be a place where modern technology will enhance the Hawaiian culture and its people, a place where the Hawaiian people can embrace modern technology without compromising their culture. Progress is inevitable. Culture is eternal.”

Komike O Kohanaiki

Lineal Descendants of Kohanaiki