Club Overview

Kohanaiki is an invitation-only private club and residential community, presenting members and their families with a diverse array of refined amenities and one-of-a-kind  recreational experiences and adventures.

Kohanaiki is about family and community. A Membership at Kohanaiki is multi-generational, providing access to you and your spouse, your children and grandchildren. Memberships are transferable and inheritable, creating a true family legacy that brings families together across the generations.

Attention to detail is important.

It is perhaps the most important aspect to 21st century luxury. At Kohanaiki, we pay close attention to even the smallest of details.

In the luxury realm, high quality is expected and exemplary service is the norm, but providing a truly unique luxury experience requires more. A subtle flourish is present in everything we do, from the smallest architectural detail in the homes, to the selection of glassware in the restaurants, to the sustainably harvested hardwoods used throughout the Clubhouse.

The careful curation of wines and scotches, and onsite creation of the freshest, most exclusive and diverse beer styles complement culinary tastes to suit every palate. Daily menus draw upon home-grown organic vegetables and the finest ingredients from around the world, prepared and served with a distinct Kohanaiki style.

Perhaps most important of all, we believe in uncompromising service that is attentive, but not intrusive. Our service philosophy focuses on knowing our members every preference and anticipating their every whim, while reflecting our genuine personalities and a gracious aloha spirit. This makes for a special atmosphere that’s private and exclusive, yet unpretentious, authentic, free-spirited, and real.

We want every moment you spend with us to be nothing short of remarkable.

Private Club

The number of private equity memberships at Kohanaiki are strictly limited. Members also need to purchase or construct a home in our community. As an exclusive private community, Kohanaiki thoroughly qualifies each Membership application. Privacy and exclusivity is fiercely protected for our Members. Kohanaiki does not have and never will have a hotel or resort component, nor any public access restaurants that would compromise privacy and compete with Members for access to the Club amenities.