There’s simply no place on earth like the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Larger than all the other Hawaiian islands combined, this tropical mini-continent with an area of 4,028 square miles – and still growing – boasts the world’s tallest sea mountain (Mauna Kea), its most voluminous mountain (Mauna Loa), and the dramatic Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, plus nearly all of the world’s distinct climatic zones.

An exotic mix of white, black, and green sand beaches and lush rainforests co-exist with active volcanoes, the blackest lava fields, and the whitest snow-crowned mountains that truly must be seen to be believed.

Situated just two miles south of the Kona International Airport and five miles north of Kailua-Kona, on 450 acres of oceanfront property with a 1½ mile beach and famed fishing and surfing waters, Kohanaiki is ideally situated as your island home, and as a basecamp to Big Island adventure. Beyond Kohanaiki’s 450 acres, there’s a wide array of natural wonders, cultural experiences, world-class deep sea fishing, and spectacular beaches just waiting to be discovered.

Best of all, Kohanaiki’s Adventure Team are here as your outfitters and personal guides to everything the Big Island has to offer.

“Hawai`i is world-famous as an idyllic place to live. But the Big Island’s newest private residential community offers more than the standard breathtaking views. Kohanaiki’s proximity to nature and reverence for local Hawaiian traditions make it a prime real estate investment opportunity.”

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