Endless Exploration from Sand to Sea

With an Adventure Team (A-Team) specializing in fun, everyday is exceptional on the shores of Kohanaiki. Whether on land or in the ocean, there are a multitude of beachside and ocean activities for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and thrill seekers. Go deep sea fishing on our 39' Yellowfin fishing boat Kai Kea, surf in a 6-person outrigger canoe, explore underwater reef formations teeming with colorful wildlife, or laugh endlessly on a SUPsquatch.

At Kohanaiki, it’s never a question of what you have to do today. The question, rather, is what do you want to do today? From organizing guided and individual activities, creating custom itineraries or sharing in-depth experience in all ocean activities - our A-Team will make it happen.

Offshore Ocean Excursions on the Kona Coast

Kai Kea

Climb aboard our 39-foot Yellowfin boat, Kai Kea, for the best ocean experiences above and under water. From scuba excursions to deep sea diving, sport fishing for Hawaiian wahoo at ‘Ono Lane, or watching humpback whales dance with their offspring - magical days are spent playing on Kai Kea.

Bring Out the Kid in You

Ocean Equipment

The ocean is your personal playground with our diverse and unique collection of ocean gear. Paddle as a team on our giant SUPsquatch, perfect your stroke and balance in an OC1 or OC2 outrigger, or propel yourself faster underwater with a sea scooter. Surfboards and snorkel gear are always well-stocked and ready for playful days on the water.

Discover Kona’s Pristine Reefs and Diving Locations


Explore underwater in the best diving region in the United States with our PADI-Certified scuba instructors. Whether you are a novice diver just starting out or an experienced deep-sea diver, our A-team knows the best underwater reef locations and hidden gems to make the most of your diving adventures.

Sharing Our Love For the Ocean


Local experts share knowledge on reef awareness, currents and tides, ocean ecosystems, and water safety through educational classes at Kohanaiki. Our guides ensure that you have the best information to protect the delicate natural resources when exploring our island playground.